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We vision to establish a prosperous society, based on the principles of social justice, equity and equality - Rebuild A better Afghanistan for Tomorrow...!


The inspiration behind the establishment of the organization is the affiliation of some of its founding members is to avail a multi-sector opportunities for humanity and play a vital role in developmental sector of various communities as well as building up of local and new established organizations. This notion carried the entire struggle for establishing an autonomous organization with the name of SHPOuL in 2008 at the eastern region level. With the passage of time and availability of resources the geographical coverage extended to the tensest and disaster affected provinces through the enactment of provincial registration and approval of ministry of economy.

The first ever initiatives of SHPOUL is working through community participation in development process and resource mobilization. SHPOUL gathered like-minded social workers and development professionals across Afghanistan to launch activities that would not only continue the efforts to invest in the social capital already created by various national & international organizations but also to replicate the approach and efforts in other marginalizes areas of Afghanistan. The name, SHPOUL reflects two meanings, (i) to provide a peaceful safety & protection (ii) bright communities (halo glowing light around the full moon).

SHPOUL is a Voluntary Not-for-Profit, Non Sectarian Humanitarian Organization dedicated to social & economic development with due regard for community development, emergency response, women & youth empowerment, agriculture & food security, good governance & rule of law, and peace building & conflict resolutions.

The founding members have got rich experience in social engineering, participatory development, and gender mainstreaming and poverty alleviation initiatives through resource management in a systematic approach. The NGO focuses on the ignored and marginalizes segments of the society like the poor, women and people living in remote regions, thus empowering and enabling them to bring them on the grassroots level to the mainstream of development process.

Majority of its members of the board and executive and general body have rich experience of working in reputable national and international organizations like UNDP, UNHCR, UNICEF, US State Department, IRI, PRT/CA, DAI, USAID, IRC, FAO and ADB etc.

SHPOUL has got a pool of experienced and dedicated workers with specialization in social mobilization and community development & empowerment. This multi-disciplinary team of professionals is governed by a Board of Directors as the policy making forum for the organization. An Executive Director, supported by District Coordinators and Sector Specialists and support staff, is responsible for programmer planning, implementation and monitoring under the guidance of the Board of Directors (BoD).

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