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We vision to establish a prosperous society, based on the principles of social justice, equity and equality - Rebuild A better Afghanistan for Tomorrow...!


Adopting advocacy process and involving people's legitimate social institutions, like CBOs, VOs, Jirga, Shura Committees, well qualified and culturally literate poets, artists, singers, mid-level NGO's and service providers, in needs identification, prioritization, planning, implementation, evaluation and maintenance through awareness raising campaigns, social advocacy, dialogues, workshops, seminars, symposiums, posters, banners, newsletters, and field work etc.

The declined and ignored but the most important social & traditional institutions of Afghan society i.e. Jirga, Shura and Asshar will be renovated, which had played a very prominent role in community & cultural development, dispute resolutions & social reforms in Afghan society. Development interaction in communities will be made around Shura and Jirga as that had proven itself very effective in integrated communal efforts in the past.

Program Approach
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