About Us

SHPOUL is a voluntary not-for-profit, non sectarian humanitarian organization dedicated to social & economic development with due regard for Community Development/Livelihood/ Social Mobilization, Emergency Response (Relief/Recovery/Reconstruction & Rehabilitation), Environment & Natural Resource Management, Advocacy & Awareness Raising, Gender Mainstreaming, Human Resource management, Institutional Reforms/Capacity Building, Good Governance/Rule of Law, Peace and Political Awareness, Education (Formal/Non-Formal/ Technical & Vocational/Skill Development).

The founding members have got rich experience in social engineering, participatory development, and gender mainstreaming and poverty alleviation initiatives through resource management in a systematic approach. The NGO focuses on the ignored and marginalized segments of the society like the poor, women and people living in remote regions, thus empowering and enabling them to bring them on the grassroots level to the mainstream of development process.

The NGO has got a pool of experienced and dedicated workers with specialization in social mobilization and community development, community empowerment, livelihoods, emergency response, conflict resolution, coordination and management of social sector development projects/programs. SHPOUL’s multi-disciplinary team of professionals is governed by a Board of Governors, which is the policy making forum for the organization. The team of SHPOUL is led by a highly experienced Executive Director having worked on various senior management positions. The Executive Director is supported by Senior Program Manager, Program Coordinator, Operations Manager, Program Advisers/ Sector Specialists, Regional Program Managers, Project Managers and supporting staff. The Program Department of SHPOUL leads the NGO team in program planning, implementation, monitoring & evaluation, coordination and donors’ reporting. Program Department arranges the meetings of the Board of Governors on need basis to get various policies approved by the board. For every regional office in the program areas, there are Regional Program Managers supported by support staff in their duties. For the implementation of every project, the NGO hires project Manager and required staff. Decisions about the management of the NGO as well as the projects implemented by the organization are taken in a participatory way. Apart from the paid staff, the organization also owns a Support Group that at the moment comprises 34 members having experience and expertise in various sectors. They work on voluntary basis for the organization on need basis.

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