Organization Profile

Accounts & Finances

To run the organization in a transparent manner and ensure full accountability, a transparent and accountable financial management system is adopted by the organization both in the offices and at community levels for all activities. SHPOUL’s accounts can be audited on annual basis through a chartered accountant authorized by law. 

The Board authorizes joint bank account signatories for its financial transactions. Separate bank accounts are opened and statements can be prepared for various projects will be funding by different donors. Legal requirements and the contractual obligations are addressed for all funds the NGO receives.

Working Sectors

  • Community Development/ Livelihood/Social Mobilization
  • Emergency Response (Relief, Protection, WASH, Education)
  • Environment & Natural Resource Management
  • Women and Youth Empowerment
  • Food Governance & Rule of Law
  • Peace Building and Conflict Resolution
  • Education (Formal/Non Formal/Vocational Trainings & Skill Development
  • Agriculture and Food Security

Future Plans

SHPOUL plans to continue a slow and steady journey towards its destination without compromising on basic principles of its strategy and approach. The organization plans to decrease dependence on external support of donors and give more emphasis on its advocacy ventures to empower local communities. Expansion to other areas has been and will remain a gradual phenomenon by replication of tested models of participatory development. Networking with other organizations is the major line of direction for the future.

Regulations & Policies

SHPOUL has the following regulations and policies for the well functionalized operations of the office.

  • SHPOUL Code of Conduct
  • Fundamental of SHPOUL
  • Financial Policy
  • Procurement policy 
  • Human Resource Policy
  • Sexual Harassment Policy
  • Network Management Policy
  • Gender Policy
  • Security policy
  • Recruitment policy
  • Fraud policy
  • Girl’s education and advocacy strategy. 
  • Risk Management Manual
  • Media Policy
  • Child Protection Policy
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