Organizational Structure

    This is a group of qualified individuals, empowered to act as a policy-making and decision-making body governing the affairs of the NGO. There are nine members of the board including the coordinator, who is its ex-officio member. The board has a chairperson and a vice-chairperson.
    To run the operational and administrative affairs of the NGO smoothly and effectively, an executive body of the NGO, as per following details, has been in place. Due to resource constraint, no regular staff could be, so far, recruited. A core group comprising the founding members including four persons from the Board of Directors and 10 nos. sector specialists are working as volunteers as: The executive committee of the BoD (4 members) i.e. three men and one woman are part time contributors to provide policy guide lines, training of the volunteers, projection of the NGO and assistance in framing proposals and looking for donors. The Vice Chair person of the BoD, who is a woman and has rich experience in rural development, women empowerment, social mobilization and peace building, is a full time volunteer and contact person for the NGO, along with the coordinator.
    An experienced development activist is working as Coordinator of the NGO on full time basis, voluntarily.
    They are qualified and experienced development activists, with experience in social organization, HRD, coordination and NRM. They are based at circle level, average one per two districts. Besides them, there are other members from multidisciplinary backgrounds, who are very actively contributing to the NGO in these sectors. The NGO has a purely decentralized set up. All the Regional Managers are independently working at their level and present progress in the quarterly monitoring meetings of the NGO board and executive body. The Chairman of the board is an experienced development professional with outstanding vision and national and international exposure.
    It is the supreme body of the organization, comprising more than 100 members from the entire provinces. The body meets twice in a year. All the Board decisions are subject to approval by this forum.
    It is the body which is either prior to project or during the project implementation are contacted and chosen as a community volunteers for mobilization and support to the implementation of project. Prior to on-setting the project, regional coordinators and field demonstrators are usually carrying out preliminary visits to project area and approach to these volunteers. These volunteers can be elders, youth, women or the disable groups of community.
    SHPOUL has total 33 employees in which 19 (12 male and 07 Female) employees are permanent and other 13 employees are project base staff including trainers, consultants and Volunteers.

SHPOUL’s Active members

Mr. Shafiqullah Shadab | Executive Director (Male)

Dr. Mohammad Haroon Faraz | Assistant Director (Male)

Mr. Naseeb Khan | Program Officer (Male)

Dr. Asia | Program Assistant (Female)

Mr. Atta Ur Rahman Safi | Admin/Finance (Male)

Ms. Noreen | GBV Focal Point (Female)

Ms. Arzo | Advocacy Officer (Female)

Mr. Mohammad Ismail | M&E Officer (Male)

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