Our Vision & Mission


Establishment of a prosperous society, based on the principles of social justice, equity and equality.


To contribute to poverty reduction by supporting local communities in harnessing their potential and capabilities by organizing themselves into village and supra village level self-managed, self-reliant & sustainable institutions capable of undertaking development agenda into their own hands through active participation in the decision making process at local level.

SHPOUL's Principles As Sustainable Society

  • SHPOUL is committed towards resource equity, Transparency and applicability in the vulnerable communities
  • Ensuring the maximum participation of stakeholders at grass root level
  • Believes in Quality work, Innovations, Renovation & mutual understanding and considerate
  • Commitment, Condor, Honesty and Integrity are the core working concepts of SHPOUL 
  • Promoting operations transparency and resource wise use on both sides of community and donors 
  • Development of mutual relationship with co-workers and counter partners to ensure community participatory approaches 
  • Respecting and adopting the ideology of cultural norms, values and ethics in project target communities
  • Preference to Decentralization system and Reverence for democratic perspective
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